About Decryption Scans

Hello! My name is Anthony (decryption) and I like collecting old magazines, mainly computer related ones. To share them with the world, I cut off the spine, scan in each page and upload them to the Internet Archive. Here’s what I’ve sent to the Internet Archive so far.

That’s me!

When I’m not scanning or uploading, I’m writing The Sizzle – a daily email newsletter covering the day’s tech news and bargains with an Aussie take. You should subscribe!

If you have magazines or books you’d like me to scan (they don’t need to be computer related, I’ll scan anything), please get in touch via email: aagius@fastmail.com – I’d love to come collect them if you’re in Victoria, Australia. If you’re interstate, I could be enticed to do a road-trip or pay for shipping if you have a rare or large collection.