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Electronics Australia 1962-1973

The first batch of magazines I completed scanning is an almost complete set of Electronics Australia (also called Radio, Television and Hobbies prior to March 1965) spanning over a decade from 1962 to 1973.

A copy of Electronics Australia in the process of being digitised.

I found out about this collection from Jason Scott (aka @textfiles) who works at the Internet Archive. He put out a tweet asking if there’s anyone in Australia who can scan a bunch of magazines, I replied back saying I can and he got me in touch with a dude in Geelong who owned the collection. It’s an amazing coincidence that I live 40 minutes away from this person, but it took a guy all the way in the USA to help arrange it. You gotta love the internet!

The magazines came in storage folders like this that are very of their time. I remember my parents storing their favourite magazines in similar folders.

Cono damage to the pages and considering the age, were in great condition. There were some dead bugs lots of dust in the collection, but the only real problem was distortion of the spines due to years (decades!) not being stored flat. This made it difficult to cut evenly. Half the magazine would be perfect, but the other half was a centimeter or two away from the other half and sometimes the last few pages had the content trimmed away.

Considering that the magazines are over 50 years old (!!) they were in great shape with no rips or missing pages. The main issue I had was warped spines due to how they were stored (those folders) and just poor layout technique placing words way too close to the binding edge (no InDesign in 1962!), resulting in some content being trimmed away when the paper trimmer’s blade came down.

Despite this, getting these magazines as my first “proper” things to scan was an excellent learning experience. I’m so glad this slice of Australian scientific and engineering history is available for everyone to view. Here’s a link to all the issues I scanned in. I reckon the best way to view them is on an iPad just through the Internet Archive’s website. Failing that, download the PDF directly.

I haven’t read any of the magazines yet, but here’s a few random things I noticed whilst scanning and thought I’d capture.

Can you believe there was debate over the merits of colour TV?
Who wouldn’t love getting paid to blow up shit in Woomera?
Ads for this Rosicrucians nonsense was in so many issues.
The post office had to do something about the walkie-talkie menace disrupting normal radio comms in Australia.

Have you seen anything interesting or funny in the Electronics Australia scans? Comments are open so please share anything you find!

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